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Open Play

The PBLNYC hosts Open Play in basketball gyms in and around New York City. We're planning on holding these year round, so there's a consistent run during the season and in between PBLNYC seasons.  Emails with instructions on how to RSVP for Open Plays will be sent on during the week leading up to them.  In order to play, you must register using the form link in the email.

With these Open Plays, we want to ensure fair, efficient, relatively-affordable and fun games. 

  • 2 hours of court time
  • Fee is $15 pre-paid (by Venmo or other)
  • Enforce a player limit to maximize court time for all
  • Players have to confirm attendance by submitting an RSVP

See Below for UPCOMING OPEN PLAY Dates:

  • Saturday 1/25, 7-9pm at Chelsea Piers
  • Saturday 2/1, 7-9pm at Chelsea Piers
  • Saturday 2/8, 7-9pm at Chelsea Piers

Open Play Guidelines:

I. RSVP IS THE ONLY WAY TO PLAY: So that players receive maximum court time, we are limiting open plays to a maximum of 20 participants who RSVP. To reserve your spot at an Open Play, you must submit an RSVP each week you plan on attending.  The only way to get this RSVP form is to subscribe to our mailing list.

We'll close the RSVP form once we are at capacity.  Do not show up to the gym if you haven't RSVPed using the form -- you will be turned away and not allowed to play. 

II. PAYMENT: Payment is via Venmo ($15 here)

III. GAME PLAY: We have 120 minutes to get in as many games as we can. 

Games are played first team to 21 (by twos and threes) or ten minutes, whichever comes first. Ties will be settled by sudden death.

Directors will divide the teams up fairly. 

Win or lose, teams will play two games in a row and are off. Only the first game of the night will be determined by win/loss (winner stays on). This isn't perfect, but the easiest way to manage and is the best option for players to get in a couple games then rest.

Unless there is an injury or major issue, the clock will continue to run. The responsibility is on the players to resolve contested calls and in-game problems.

IV. SIGN UP SHEET AT OPEN PLAY: During Open Play, you must sign-in to play next.  Directors will do their best to ensure that players are served as they have arrived (and paid) chronologically at the gym. With 20 players, that means there will be times you are asked to sit out an extra game even if you signed up before someone else. Trust us in these unlikely instances. We'll do our best to avoid anyone sitting more than one game at a time. 

V. EXPECTATIONS OF BEHAVIOR:  We want a safe, fair environment so any excessive arguing, foul language, crude behavior or overall bad attitude that jeopardizes the integrity of the games and will result in the player being unable to participate in future Open Plays. Any physical altercations or repeated bad behavior can result in the player being ejected from the Open Play. Behavior is defined by, and at the discretion of, the Open Play Directors.

VI. YOU MUST AGREE TO SIGN OUR LIABILITY WAIVER (this is done in the sign-up form):

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